Wednesday, September 10, 2008


honestly, when i think of baby's breath and carnations, it is usually in context of those cheap and ugly and tacky bouquets that people buy at the last minute at the Quik Mart for their daughter's sixth grade graduation. We all do. You know, something like this:

but look at what the geniuses at Real Simple did with the bouquet:

I think may have a bouquet of baby's breath. For real. I was actually trying to grow my own hydrangea for the bouquets, because I love the romantic look of hydrangea and plus I wanted to grow my own bouquet for sentimental reasons. But the hydrangea gifted me don't seem to like it very much in pots on my patio, so I think this is going to be an area where I swallow my pride and buy flowers from the local farmer's market or Trader Joe's the day before. This means we will just be going with whatever is in season and not expensive- I think as long as I plan for a very casual arrangement of one type of flower, it will look beautiful no matter what.


MMC said...

Have you checked out the LA Flower Market? I will take you sometime if you would like to see it!
Also, i really like with this persons suggests for classy-ing up the Carnation:

PS. I also think if chi-o with the frumpy carnation.

OC LCR said...

Carnations will also always remind me of Chi-O. Love what they did with them though! So pretty.

Green Eyes said...

I think I have pics of my cousin's flowers on my photo website ( She used green carnations and I was surprised by how great they looked. You can totally do a lot without breaking the bank I'm sure!