Monday, September 8, 2008

Sweet Inspiration

We are not having a traditional tiered wedding cake. Personally, there are about a zillion other desserts I prefer over cake, and it also seems that only a small portion of the cake ever gets eaten. At my sister's lovely wedding, they had delicious cake but most of it got wasted.

Mom and I decided to have a sweets table in the backyard instead. We may be blessed with some homemade treats from talented bakers- but even if not, we're planning to make a CostCo run and get different yummy baked goods- apple pie, cheesecake, maybe some cupcakes. I think we'll be able to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth!

I would also like to try and make a homemade cupcake stand like this one- it's made from terra cotta pots and would be a great homemade touch!

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