Wednesday, October 8, 2008


For the groom and groomsmen:

For the Dads:

For the ring bearers:

Gary and I made these boutonnieres tonight. 9 of them made for a total of 16 whopping dollars. We are both feeling very thrilled with them, especially because we saved over a hundred dollars off the quotes we were getting from florists, and also because they are done in advance so nothing to stress about on the wedding day!


MMC said...

Perfect fall colors!

Tommy1951 said...

Did you know that the history of the boutonniere goes back centuries? Wearing a boutonniere was supposed to symbolize that the male was a gentleman and "safe" to be with!
Early coats actually had a loop of fabric behind the top button to hold the small flower. You will commonly see them on paintings of European royalty.

Boutonnieres are now pretty much reserved for special occasions like weddings, but the history is one of common use!