Thursday, October 16, 2008

There are so many things I want to do for this wedding, and it is so hard to recognize that I cannot possibly do it all. They are mostly time consuming, handmade projects that just don't make sense to take on.
For instance: The Caramel Apple. I would love to make a caramel apple for each guest and leave them at their placesetting- but I still haven't finished the other favors that are to be left at the tables, so I need to finish one thing before starting the next (and anyone who knows the family I grew up in should know that this is not a skill that has ever been taught or ingrained- sorry Mom!)

Anyway- caramel apples are awesome. Maybe I can make them as Christmas presents since I will have no money left over after november 8 :)

Oh, on another crazy note- I am making my own wedding cake! SOOOO excited!

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misskuru said...

making your wedding cake??? that's awesome, jen!!! :) can't wait! i wish i was home to help you!