Thursday, October 23, 2008

Inspiration for decorating the pergola

Having a hard time finding something simple to decorate the pergola where we are getting married...I am not one for much tulle, and we don't have a budget for beautiful fresh florals. I am thinking something along these lines, but it's still not quite right. Any ideas?

UPDATE: Mom and I went to a discount fabric store and bought 2 bolts of a very pretty white fabric to drape on the pergola. We did a test run last weekend, and I am in love with the way it looks. We only draped the front- not each post like the one above.

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Tommy1951 said...

I help manage a Birmingham banquet facility. If it is an evening wedding, use a white sheer fabric and use up lights. The LED versions come in a variety of colors and are relatively inexpensive to rent. One on each support would work wonders. Obviously this will not work for a daylight wedding.